Olecranon Locking Plates System

The primary advantage of the Locking Olecranon Plates lie in early functional postoperative treatment. Conventional fracture treatment with tension bands and subsequent immobilization can lead to heterotopic ossifications and subsequent limited mobility in the elbow.


Properties of the implant: 

Multi-directional Locking

Anatomically contoured

Optimal reconstruction of the joint surface

Simple positioning due to sliding hole


Olecranon Hook Plate:

Sliding hole with compression option up to 4mm

Lengths: 5-hole left/right | 7, 9-hole left | 7, 9-hole right


Olecranon Plate:

Lengths: 6, 8, 10, 12-hole

Oblong hole for optimal positioning and adjustment of ulna length



All dislocated fractures of the olecranon



General problems with blood clotting

Critical general condition


Damage of soft tissue


Pre-existing arthrosis of the elbow

Lack of patient compliance