WRP is a world leading manufacturer and exporter of premium quality glove products. The success of the business stems from providing an extensive range of customized, high quality products to meet your specific requirements. WRP manufactures gloves product for customers in Malaysia and Internationally. 

PROFEEL® DHD Platinum Powder Free Latex Surgical Gloves are ideal for all general surgical procedures. The soft and gentle feel of natural rubber latex, formulated with a proprietary low modulus latex compound, provides an excellent fit, strength, and comfort during the surgery.   The gloves contain only the lowest levels of NR latex, which minimizes […]
PROFEEL® DHD™ Sensitive Powder Free
PROFEEL® DHD Sensitive Powder Free is designed with an ultra-thin latex film that improves tactile sensitivity and comfort during surgery. Its optimal thickness and unique surface finish maximizes sensitivity even when wearing two pairs of gloves. The smooth outer surface makes it easy to double glove in procedures where extra protection is needed. The special […]
PROFEEL® DHD™ Micro Powder Free
PROFEEL® DHD Micro Powder Free Latex Surgical Gloves are specifically designed for those specialists who demand extra sensitivity in the fingertips in micro and ophthalmic surgeries.   The optimum strength-to-thickness ratio ensures that the basic barrier protection property is not compromised and the unique brown colour minimizes eye-strain in the Operating Theatre, provides a good […]
PROFEEL® DHD ™ Synthetic Powder Free
Specially formulated with a polychloropene (Neoprene) compound, PROFEEL® DHD Synthetic Powder Free Non-Latex Surgical Gloves offer a material that fits and feels like natural rubber latex gloves. The gloves eliminate extractable NR latex proteins which are responsible for causing Type 1 allergic reactions, the gloves are therefore very suitable for NR latex-sensitive individuals and medical […]
PROFEEL® DHD™ Extra Protection Powder Free
PROFEEL® DHD™ Extra Protection Powder Free Latex Surgical Gloves are specifically designed for added protection against bone fragments and other surgical debris during rigorous orthopaedic surgery. This Glove has been developed for those surgeons who require superior protection, yet still want the dexterity of double gloving.   In fact, researchers have found that a single […]
Dermagrip® High Risk Gloves (non-sterile)
Dermagrip® High Risk Examination Gloves provide unparalleled and added protection in high risk situations. Thicker and stronger than normal examination gloves, these gloves are the ideal choice in situations such as trauma, medical waste handling and decontamination. They are especially suitable for use by emergency response professionals such as ambulance attendants, firemen and policemen.
DERMAGRIP® Powder Free Nitrile Examination Gloves (non-sterile)
DERMAGRIP® Powder Free Nitrile Examination Gloves rovide an alternative solution for individuals who are allergic to natural rubber latex. Formulated with 100% nitrile (Acrylonitrile-butadiene), the gloves do not contain natural latex protein and do not exhibit any chemical residue level when tested with HPLC using water extraction method. The gloves are bio-compatible, in addition to […]
Dermagrip® Examination Gloves (non-sterile)
Dermagrip® Examination Gloves can be used for conducting medical examination, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, as well as handling contaminated medical materials. DERMAGRIP® Examination Gloves can also be used in settings that require powder free conditions, especially in obstetrics, gynaecology, neonatal units, urology, dentistry, respiratory therapy and laboratories.
Dermagrip® Elbow Length Procedure Gloves (sterile)
Are designed for effective protection in obstetric and gynaecological procedures, but also find an application in Trauma surgery where an abundance of bodily fluids is present. The elbow length feature helps to protect sensitive tissues against contact with potentially abrasive material, and also the user’s forearm against fluid contamination. Formulated primarily from natural rubber latex, […]
Radiaxon® Radiation Protection Gloves
Radiaxon® are sterile disposable gloves specifically designed for the sole purpose of attenuation of scattered and/or stray radiation (or incidental radiation).   The product is made from Natural Rubber Latex, and is lead free, powder free and non-toxic.


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