Universal Anatomical Forearm

The Universal Forearm Locking Plates System is an osteosynthesis system for various forearm shaft fractures.


Properties of the implant:

Multi-directional Locking

Low-profile design

Free choice of plate position (volar, dorsal, radial, ulnar)

Straight and curved version adapted to the forearm anatomy

Plate lengths: 6, 9, 11-hole

Plate strength straight: 3.0mm

Plate strength curved: 3.5mm



For treatment of fractures, osteotomies and degenerative transformations. Primary: radius, ulna; secondary: fibula

Paediatric humeral and tibia fractures



The plates are not intended for shaft fractures of large bones such as humerus, femur and tibia (except paediatric humeral and tibia fractures)

In cases of skin and soft tissue problems that prevent a tension-free skin closure

Common situations that do not allow osteosynthesis

With advanced osteoporosis

Lack of patient compliance