Proximal Lateral Tibia Locking Plate

The newly developed LRS System – Locking Reconstruction System – enables the medical treatment of fractures in the joint area with an optional less invasive method.


The system provides the opportunity to operate with or without a drill block in the joint area.


Properties of the implant:

Multi-directional locking

Anatomical plate design

Version left/right

Plate lengths: 4, 7, 12 and 17-hole


Less invasive method:

Radiolucent handle and drill block to facilitate in percutaneous screw fixation

Compression instrument for easier reduction



For stabilization of fractures of the proximal tibia

Proximal shaft fractures

Metaphyseal fractures

Intra-articular fractures



With advanced osteoporosis

In cases of skin and soft tissue problems above the lateral epicondyle

Lack of patient compliance