Pedus Osteotomy Plate

The Marquardt PEDUS sets are the complete solution for the treatment of any Front / Middle or Rear foot disorders.


All implants are manufactured from Titanium Alloy according to European standards. The system has been designed to take advantage of the many benefits of fixed angle locked screw fixation.


All plates in the system are rhombic in form, with converging pairs of 2.7mm screw holes. The system allows for the use of either a locked or a non-locked screw in every hole. The holes are aligned to provide optimal screw purchase. The individual plate designs vary to suit specific surgical indications.


O Plates

The different spacer widths allow for the correction of the intermetatarsal angle in 1mm increments. The plate without a spacer may be used to ensure the stable fixation of proximal crescentic or chevron osteotomies.


U Plates

These are slightly more rigid than the O-plates, and have proved useful for the correction of metatarsal base osteotomies and Lisfranc fusions.