Distal Ulna Locking Plate

The Distal Ulna Locking Plate is a plate system which can be implanted with locking screws and adjusted to the contour of the distal ulna.


The plate is concealed by the muscles due to its palmar location. Therefore, metal removal is not always necessary.


The ulnar head is stabilized using locking screws. The junction to the neck region is supported by the plate configuration.


Use of locking screws in the proximal section increases rigidity.


Properties of the implant:

Multi-directional Locking

Anatomical plate design

Left/right version

Wide/small version

K-Wire holes for preliminary plate fixation

5 distal plate holes for optimal reconstruction of the distal radio-ulnar joint (DRUJ)

Oblong hole for optimal positioning and adjustment of ulna length

Pointed proximal plate end for percutaneous insertion

Plate lengths: 3, 4, 6-hole



Fractures of the ulnar head

Multi-fragmentary fractures of the ulnar head

Subcapital fractures of the ulnar head

Metaphyseal comminuted fractures of the distal ulna

Combined ulnar head and ulnar shaft fractures



Existing infections in the fracture zone and operation area

Common situations that do not allow osteosynthesis (osteoporosis)

Lack of patient compliance